tpro network

Building the app-specific blockchain network for web3 economy

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what problems do we solve?

Current problems

inadequate system designs

TPRO Network will address the critical issues of financial losses exceeding $600 milion in the blockchain sector due to inadequate system designs by implementing robust, throughly tested, and community-validated economic models.

lack of transparency and trust

There is lack of transparency regarding genesis of economics and further changes leading to scattered information across different places and manipluations.

technical Expertise and community involvement

TPRO Network will bridge the knowledge gap in blockchain economies, enabling community members with varying levels of technical expertise to actively participate and make informed decisions.

safe¸ secure and accountable web3 Economics

TPRO Network is a fast, scalable, and fully decentralized L2 app-specific blockchain for the web3 economic system, empowering KOLs, degens, token engineers, founders, and venture capitalists with proper token simulation mechanisms.

Say no to unfair tokenomic models – welcome sustainability.


Lost through leaky economic models


Useless L2s

Proper education

adding value


Build economic dApps on top of the TPRO Network.


Develop their tokenomic models and audit the tokenomics of the projects they discuss.

Community members, VCs

For the first time in history, gain an unfair advantage, making your due diligence process bullet-proof through data-driven decisions.


Double-check tokenomic models to avoid burning the project during the launch.

initial dapps


Simulations Scenarios Interface – Setup scenarios you are interested in like LEGO bricks against tokenomics of your choice – and check the results.


Simulations Results Interface (current Tokenomics Audits) – view layer for simulations.


Simulations Insights Exchange – trade access to the insights (primary & secondary market).


back-bone of the ecosystem

Staking in validators
Currency to pay for simulation computation
Currency to pay on Insights Exchange
Currency for Gated Access
Gas token

built for public good

The crypto economic system is fundamentally flawed. It can’t work, not because of the people building it, but because the model has some holes. We are trying to put the crypto space back on the right track. 

TPRO is giving communities, founders, and VCs a stack to create and use bulletproof economic systems, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. That way, TPRO is increasing the security in the market and making the landscape healthier by providing more data for potential investors.

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