Decentralized AI Economic Simulations and Analysis

TPRO Network is a decentralized platform that transforms economic simulations and analysis using verified onchain data. It offers scalable decentralized apps, a robust scoring engines, advanced simulation tools, and decentralized computation power to reduce costs. This ensures transparent, reliable economic models and informed decision-making, minimizing conflicts of interest. Join us in revolutionizing blockchain project evaluation with precision and transparency.

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Decentralized Apps

The decentralized apps layer enables users to simulate and analyze various economic models within the blockchain ecosystem. This facilitates informed decision-making and promotes transparency by allowing community members to test and validate economic theories.

In addition, the network operates in an open decentralization model. This means that anyone can create and deploy decentralized applications on top of the TPRO Network stack. From institutions, funds, companies, and traditional finance to decentralized finance and freelancers, the TPRO Network welcomes all contributors. This inclusivity ensures a diverse and dynamic ecosystem where innovative solutions can thrive.

Embrace your role as a DApp Drifter. Join us in building and refining innovative DApps, contributing to a transparent and robust blockchain ecosystem. Become a DApp Drifter today and lead the charge in decentralized innovation!


Scoring Engines

The TPRO Network's Scoring Engine evaluates and ranks various economic models based on simulation results. This layer ensures that only the most reliable and effective models are promoted, reducing financial losses and fostering trust in the blockchain ecosystem. By leveraging community input and advanced algorithms, the Scoring Engine enhances the overall reliability of the network.

Stand as a Scoring Sentinel, a guardian of integrity and precision within the TPRO Network. Help us evaluate and perfect economic models to create a safer and more trustworthy blockchain environment. Join the Scoring Sentinels and be at the forefront of ensuring economic accuracy and transparency!


Simulation Engine

The Simulation Engine in TPRO Network provides a robust platform for modeling and analyzing economic scenarios. It allows users to test the viability of various blockchain-based projects in a controlled, risk-free environment. This ensures that projects are thoroughly vetted before real-world implementation, minimizing potential losses and enhancing strategic planning.

Become a Model Mystic and dive deep into the realm of economic simulations. Use your wisdom to test and validate models that will shape the future of blockchain technology. Join the Model Mystics and contribute to the creation of well-informed, resilient blockchain solutions!


Computation Engine

The Computation Engine of the TPRO Network provides the necessary computational power for running extensive simulations and analyses. By utilizing decentralized computation providers, it ensures scalability and efficiency in processing complex economic models. This layer is crucial for handling the data-intensive tasks required to validate and optimize blockchain projects.

Take up the mantle of a Computation Crusader, providing the critical computational power needed to drive innovation in blockchain technology. Join the Computation Crusaders and help us build a scalable and efficient network capable of supporting the most advanced economic models.


TPRO Chain

The TPRO Chain is the backbone of the TPRO Network, facilitating secure and transparent transactions. It integrates with other components to support decentralized simulations, analyses, and economic model validations. By leveraging blockchain technology, the TPRO Chain ensures data integrity and trust across the network.

Become a Chain Champion, the cornerstone of our decentralized ecosystem. Ensure the integrity and security of our transactions and simulations. Join the Chain Champions and be part of a trusted and transparent blockchain network, driving the future of decentralized economics!


Core team

Lukasz Szymanski
Łukasz SzymańskiFounder & CEO
Harvard Business SchoolOLX GroupSpotifyExecutive MBA UEP
Lukasz Braciszewski
Łukasz BraciszewskiFounder & CSO
ARI10CoinpaprikaOLX GroupInea
Dawid Kubas
Dawid KubasLead Token Engineer
Kasia Opałek
Kasia OpałekResearcher
Nikodem Szyszka
Nikodem SzyszkaMathematician
Krzysztof Gierula
Krzysztof GierulaToken Engineer
Kamil Jamróz
Kamil JamrózBlockchain Expert
Piotr Grzesiak
Piotr GrzesiakWeb3 Developer

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